Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hey friends and family!!!

What's up everyone!

It's been a fun week here in Logan Heights, it's 150% different than Penasquitos. It's a lot of fun, there's always something exciting going on here, tons of people. Best of all tons of Latinos, I've missed talking with them, and my Spanish feels like it's back after just a week!

We had a baptism this last Saturday which was fun, her name is Brenda, we are teaching her son now which is cool, he's 19 and came to church on Sunday. We started teaching a guy named Ramiro yesterday who has had some drug problems but is super excited to become the father he wants to be. He's super excited to be baptized and we met him when he came to church on Sunday. He's awesome. His wife is a member and she really wants to come back to church, too so we are stoked about them.

Logan is awesome! Church in an elementary school was a fun adventure.  The branch here is pretty sweet, it's fun getting to know everyone!  Life is good! The gospel is true!

Sorry for a short email this week, we went to the temple this morning, but pictures are worth a thousand words right?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 De Regreso a Español!

What's new friends and family?

So transfers happened. We did them differently now, so instead of finding out whether or not we were leaving on pday, and then finding out where and stuff on Wednesday, we find out who and where on Monday and today we meet up, so I'm in my new area! Logan Heights!

I'm soooo stoked for my new area. I'm in the Logan Heights Spanish branch, which is right by my old area in Lemon Grove. It covers downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods like Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, South Park, North Park, places like that.

I don't know much about the area yet, except that we meet in a school and cover some of the more interesting parts of San Diego. I'm so stoked for it! My new comp is Elder Burt, he's actually from Poway which is in our mission. I'm stoked.  He's been out a while too. I'm excited to tear it up with him here.

So this last week in Penasquitos has been a fun one. Elder Maughan and I enjoyed our last little bit together, I feel like we were constantly laughing this last week.  Gotta keep it light hearted even when things aren't going so good. We taught some great lessons though.  We had a great one with brother Lundin, who should be getting baptized in the
next month, so I'll be able to go back for that.

One of the highlights of the week was exchanges on Wednesday. I went to the Tagalog area, which was fun. In lessons I was about as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. But it was fun anyway, Elder Baloaloa is super cool. We got to leave the mission!  That was pretty exciting. Since there aren't any other Tagalog missionaries in Southern California they cover up to Oceanside. We went up to Encinitas which was pretty fun.

Saturday we went to give a baptismal interview to one of the Tagalog investigators at the church and they were having a ward activity. We hadn't eaten dinner and they offered us a bunch of food, so we were like sure! I put a ton of rice on my plate and one of the members came up and scooped this huge pile of dark blackish brown sauce on it, he said it was good so I went and tried it, it didn't taste that bad. But then my companion asked me if I knew what it was. It was blood... Cooked blood with pork... What was once pretty tasty turned instantly disgusting. We also got roped into singing a song with the Tagalog Elders and two guys who are leaving on their missions...not well practiced, but it was fun. I'll include the video.

We found out about transfers yesterday, I got to visit a bunch of people. I'll include some pictures.