Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 10, 2015

 Elder Quinonez, Elder Hansen & the Castaneda family

Hey padres!! 

How's it going??

It was super fun to see Anna and her family Sunday! I looked back in Sacrament meeting and I was like "oh good they came to church!" and then I realized they don't go to that ward... haha! It was super fun! We went to Wings n Things for lunch yesterday (Monday). It was awesome to catch up and hear all about how things are going back in Calexico. I kinda miss that place just a little bit. Even though it was really hot. It's already over 90 degrees there again. It has been pretty warm around here too, but it's nice at night!

We had kind of a tough week, we had a ton of appointments fall through, and it was probably the week I've had to work the hardest my whole mission, but we didn't see a whole ton of success. It was pretty frustrating. But yesterday we had an awesome day!

We went and met with a member who hadn't been to church for a really really long time.  We talked to him and his wife (who isn't a member). They're very nice! We are going to go back and teach them. So that was nice! We also went and taught the Victoriano family, and they are super busy, but also very interested! It was awesome to see how when we work hard, even when it gets you nowhere, the Lord doesn't stop preparing people to receive the Gospel. That's why you don't give up after it gets hard, we were super frustrated, but we kept hitting the streets regardless of the results, and eventually the results came! We had an awesome day yesterday.

Thanks for sending me a box!! I love you too! I hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Hansen 

Elder Hansen (Safety Kid) and Elder Quinonez

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 3, 2015

The Mormon Battalion Historic Site
Elder Quiñonez, Elder Hansen& Ramon

Elder Hansen & Juan


Our investigators are doing well, we are still hoping to get a firm date on a divorce for Pamela's dad, Ramon and his ex-wife (from a long time ago in Mexico) so that he can marry Pamela's mom (they've been together for 10 years). But if they can't see closure on that we are going to go ahead and baptize Pamela this month. Their son Juan got baptized a few years ago and is preparing to go on a mission. We love visiting that family. We had an awesome lesson yesterday with them about faith and Alma 32. They also took us to an awesome activity they had at the Mormon Battalion on Saturday, it was really fun! 

Carolina is in the process of moving, but she doesn't really know where she is going, so we have been trying to get a hold of her the last couple days, she's just been really busy, but she continues to learn, we just need her to do her part by reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  For some reason very few people are willing to do that for themselves. If they would just do those simple things than they would be so much better off!

We met a lady named Yolanda this past week, she is very excited to learn more about the church, she's been going through some very rough times, but she's confident that this is the congragation that God wants her to join. So that's exciting. She read the whole restoration pamphlet without us even asking and she has a ton of awesome questions, so we are hoping to set her with a baptismal date and have her come to church soon! She's already talking about volunteering in the church (she want's a calling).  

We are learning a ton going through the training program together. It's a lot of fun going back through it now that I have a tiny bit of experience. But mostly we are just learning together. I don't know if my president has faith in me or if he's just crazy...but it's a fun experience.  Elder Quiñonez is an awesome missionary so it's not hard! (Plus he already mostly knows Spanish :)

I can't believe the Seahawks came up just short :( I saw the last play at a restaurant yesterday :/ it made me sad. But that's still my squad! I still love them! haha

I bought my bike from another missionary for $40 and then just had to buy a new tube. It's a 26" GT aggressor. I don't know if it's expensive but it's in great shape. It came with a nice lock but I lost the key... BUT! my ward mission leader works in construction so he cut the key lock off and gave me a better lock that's a combo lock and it is way harder to cut, so I upgraded. The bike works like a champ. Elder Q got one at a local bike shop for 50 bucks and his is super good too so we lucked out!

I got the Dictionary you bought for me.  The translator hasn't shown up yet but we haven't gotten the mail yet today! The dictionary is awesome!!! Thank you so much! Now I'm going to know all of the words in Spanish! And I bet the translator is siiiick! 

A whole bunch of missionaries (including us) went to the temple. It was awesome!!! I love the temple! The SD temple is sooooo beautiful, inside and out. 

Thanks for being the best family ever!

Elder Hansen

January 27, 2015 New Companion

Elder Quiñonez & Elder Hansen

Hi mom and dad!!

I got my new companion!  His name is Elder Quiñonez! He's from Spanish Fork, but he was born in Sonora Mexico (he moved to Utah when he was 2).

He's a stud! I love his excitement and enthusiasm for the work! It's fun having a companion who speaks awesome Spanish, so he can just jump right in the lessons. We are doing super good!
Last Wednesday we went early to transfers and President talked to all of the new trainers, he had some awesome stuff to say, I love every chance we get to talk to President Schmitt. When Elder Nielson of the Seventy was here for mission tours he talked about how sometimes we aren't really assigned to a specific mission, but to a mission president, and how President Schmitt has things to teach us that only he could teach us, so that's pretty cool. I really admire him and his family. After the new trainers meeting we went into transfer meeting, which is always the longest meeting of my life. You just want him to announce your zone...We saw all the new missionaries walk in and I was just sitting there wondering which one was mine. Then he announced Elder Quiñonez! I was super stoked. We got back to our area went and bought him some food and got to work asap!

Thursday we weekly planned at the beach like we always do, and I was explaining to Elder Quiñonez who all of our investigators and our members are. We went and met with an older couple named the Camachos. I feel so bad for them. Sister Camacho is really lonely, her husband is very sick and has mental problems as well, so she just loves to talk to us when we come by. She is such a sweet lady. She is really worried about how hard it will be when her husband dies, even though it's hard for her even right now! We are also teaching an awesome guy named Jose Campos, his wife is a member, and she has always been sad that he hasn't had interest in the church, but he is listening to our lessons and he seems to really like it! We are hoping that we can get him to set a baptismal date, and continue to search for his answer that our message is true!

Friday- Elder Blackley put on a sweet district meeting about helping our investigators listen to the spirit, and how important it is to help them recognize it when they feel it, so they can know that getting baptized is the step to take. We taught Johnny and his mom, he has some very interesting ideas and beliefs, and he asks a lot of irrelevant questions, but hopefully we can keep him on track better next time.

Saturday we taught Carolina, and she is doing super well! She is continuing to progress, we are hoping she continues to read and pray so she can be more sure about baptism! But I am confident she will. We had to pass off one of our most solid investigators Brissa, because she wants to go to the English ward :/ but i'm sure the English elders will take good care of her. We taught a fun lesson to Pamela. She's 8, so we drew out the plan of salvation with her. She is sharp so she remembers a ton!

Sunday was an interesting day at church, we didn't have a pianist...because the sister missionary who played got transfered... so we had to sing Acapella...which was awful. But it's okay. We had the best gospel principles class of my mission. Because sister Reyes is the new teacher and she recently got home from a mission. It was awesome!

Yesterday we taught a bunch of lessons! It was a busy day, we also finally got Elder Quiñonez his bike, so we can zoom around our area. It's also good excercise :). We went and knocked on a door of a referral named Yolanda, and she talked about how she wants a responsibility in the church! Like a calling...She's stoked! We will be going back at the end of the week, so we can tell her a little more!

It's great out here in paradise! It's like 75 and sunny. We are having a great time! I love the mission! It's fun going through training again so I can get back to basics! I hope everything is going well!

Elder Hansen

Elder Hansen - San Diego Temple