Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 10, 2015

 Elder Quinonez, Elder Hansen & the Castaneda family

Hey padres!! 

How's it going??

It was super fun to see Anna and her family Sunday! I looked back in Sacrament meeting and I was like "oh good they came to church!" and then I realized they don't go to that ward... haha! It was super fun! We went to Wings n Things for lunch yesterday (Monday). It was awesome to catch up and hear all about how things are going back in Calexico. I kinda miss that place just a little bit. Even though it was really hot. It's already over 90 degrees there again. It has been pretty warm around here too, but it's nice at night!

We had kind of a tough week, we had a ton of appointments fall through, and it was probably the week I've had to work the hardest my whole mission, but we didn't see a whole ton of success. It was pretty frustrating. But yesterday we had an awesome day!

We went and met with a member who hadn't been to church for a really really long time.  We talked to him and his wife (who isn't a member). They're very nice! We are going to go back and teach them. So that was nice! We also went and taught the Victoriano family, and they are super busy, but also very interested! It was awesome to see how when we work hard, even when it gets you nowhere, the Lord doesn't stop preparing people to receive the Gospel. That's why you don't give up after it gets hard, we were super frustrated, but we kept hitting the streets regardless of the results, and eventually the results came! We had an awesome day yesterday.

Thanks for sending me a box!! I love you too! I hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Hansen 

Elder Hansen (Safety Kid) and Elder Quinonez

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