Monday, March 16, 2015

March 10, 2015

Good afternoon family! This has been another awesome week! We are having a ton of fun out here and working hard!

I'll hit some highlights of this week. 

Yolanda has been continuing to read the BOM and pray, she's currently in 2 Nephi 20 something and loves it. Plus she loves the Gospel Principles class because we have an awesome teacher. Hermana Reyes, she is a beast teacher! I sit in there and take notes because the class is that good. And I know all of the investigators feel the spirit a ton! It's helped a lot with our investigators, they all have an awesome experience when they come to church because they always have an edifying experience in class. 

Marcos has taken a little step back, he's not sure about baptism but really the first step is to get him to church. I'm sure once he comes to church he will have the desire, but it's hard to get him to do much so we will be working on that with him this week. 

We have been helping Larry Gallegos and his family a lot lately. Last Monday we helped them clean up and get all of their stuff out of their house and into their motor home. Larry had been out of work recently and so they were struggling. But we promised him that if he came to church and strived to keep the commandments he would find a job. And he did. A good one too! So they shouldn't have to live in the motor home for too long, then they can move back into an apartment. His girlfriend Rosio was baptized a while ago. The good news is after everything he found a good job and things are looking up! It's a great family and we have had a ton of fun doing service and teaching them. Plus they have been coming back to church and really enjoying it!

Those are some highlights! We went golfing at the range today with a member-Alejandro. He's trying to go pro at golf, he's super good! So I'll throw in a pic from that and one of Larry and his family!  

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