Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What's up fam and friends!

The end of another fantastic week here in beautiful scenic Logan Heights. Last week as I mentioned my mission bro Elder Laws came to be my companion. ITS SO SICK!! Elder Laws is an awesome friend and an awesome missionary.

We are having a blast and seeing lots of miracles. This last week we had some good times. We were able to find a bunch of super cool new investigators. Some of them include Marabel and her 4 daughters. They are super cool, the oldest, Jazmin went to mutual a couple weeks ago, that's where we met her- it's kind of a long story. But we are super stoked about them!

We also met Yaneri, who is a college student. She's super cool, she had actually met a couple of the elders up at the school where she goes and she was stoked that we had found her. She was just on our potential list in area book so we decided to go by and try, while we were walking through the apartment complex we saw a younger couple with some kids. We Elder Laws and I were like "oh, we should go talk to them!" And we started getting close and as we got close to them we realized the guy was on a knee and the kids were taking a video and we were about to interrupt a proposal. We got a good laugh about that after. We are pretty sure we are in the video. Haha

Me and Elder Laws are always laughing. It's funny because you would think that as you have more time in the mission you stop doing dumb things like drop a bunch of pass a long cards while you're talking to someone on the street, but yesterday that's exactly what I did. And then as we were bending down to pick them up we bonked heads... I wish I had a blooper reel of my mission, but there would be way too many clips on it.  The cool thing was she actually said we could come over and teach her family, we think she felt bad for us. Haha

Yesterday we went to the Mormon Battalion with one of our investigators Yadira and her sister Rebecca. Yadira is super awesome, her daughter is even on a mission right now somewhere in California. She looked like she had a blast. We will throw in some pictures.

Those are the highlights of the week. We are just Loving life, working hard and seeing tons of miracles.

Love you all!
Elder Hansen

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