Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Conference Was The Best!!!!

This week was another awesome one!!! 

We had some really great member lessons last week! I love having good member lessons, and increasing the members' trust! It's impossible to do any missionary work without the trust of the members! It's awesome sharing spiritual experiences with them and their families! We were talking about service, and shared the latest Mormon Message called "You Never Know". I really love it! The members really love it as well and are excited to search for more opportunities to serve in their everyday lives. I challenge you guys to watch it and look for small opportunities to serve as well! It's amazing how many blessings we receive as we serve those around us! We shared this lesson with the Garzon families. There are 2 of them (the dads are brothers). They both are super awesome! And fed us as well! :) 

We planted some Palm Trees at Jose Cunningham's house. He's been meeting with missionaries for a very long time. He and his family are amazing! It was fun service, and his family felt bad for how long it took so they cooked us dinner on Sunday :)

General Conference- General conference was the highlight of my week!! It was sooooo awesome! If I had to pick a favorite talk it would be the one by Elder Jorg Klebingat. I loved out bold and straightforward he was, and learned so much from him! I also really loved Elder Holland's talk and Elder Bednar's in the last session. We watched Conference in the stake center, we had a room just for the missionaries, which was really cool! Anna came and watched it in there with us. She had a great experience. On Friday we told her to come with a question in her mind. She said she had been praying for a while to know that baptism is the right thing to do, and she was looking for confirmation of that. During Elder Anderson's talk, she said she got hit by the "warm fuzzies" and felt as though someone was hugging her. It was awesome to hear her talk about this when we went to her house Saturday night. She knows that baptism is what is best for her and her family! She also loved Conference on Sunday! Dang it was such a spiritual weekend!!!!!!

Monday was awesome. We were focusing on finding new investigators. We had a zone meeting in the morning and so we were really fired up!! We worked hard to talk to everyone, and were able to add a former investigator! We also had a really great lesson with the Armenta family, who we haven't been able to talk to too much. We had a good discussion, helped them clean their fish bowl, and then they decided to take us to Rally's, which is a local drive in. It's super good!! It was an awesome end to the day and the week!

I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Hansen 

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