Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Me Encanta la Lluvia! (I Love the Rain!)

It's great to hear from you guys! 

Things with Anna are going great. She is continuing to read and pray, and is looking great for her baptismal date on the 11th. I think she is really excited. We have seen how much more positive she is about the trials that she has had in the past, and the trials she continues to have. It's awesome. You can feel the increased love in her home, even though she doesn't have a ton of support from her family there, but she is strong in her growing testimony. She loves to "water her tree". She says that since we talked about Alma 32 with her. She's the best! Hopefully Derrick will continue to be more and more interested so we can teach him as well! Her daughter Bri, who is six is amazing. She's soooo funny! She's the bubbliest little girl ever.

Funny story- I was playing patty cake with her, when one of her cousins started pulling my pant leg. I looked down, and then when I was patty-caking I accidentally high-fived her face. I didn't even know since I was looking down. It was so funny. And they still both make fun of me for it. We just love going over to their house. We go there every night before we go home, and I can't wait to get there everyday. We have taught her pretty much everything we have to teach her, so we are sharing Mormon messages and sharing scriptures and reading from the book of Mormon now. We should be starting Derrick on the lessons soon!

We are working hard to find more people to teach. Sometimes it is a challenge, but it's fun!

We are teaching a cool 17 year old kid named Angel. It's awesome to meet kids who think more deeply about things, and are so mature. I definitely wasn't that way when I was his age.

There was a huge rainstorm this past week! It was so nice! Ever since it has been much cooler everyday. In the mornings now its actually kind of chilly! I love it!! So much nicer to run now that it isn't 95 and humid at 645 am.

Other than that I don't have anything too interesting to share!

I Have A Challenge For You!!  

I have a little notebook that I want to fill up with quotes! I would love to hear your favorite quotes, any kind. From General authorities or scriptures or anyone!

Also I want to hear your favorite quotes from this upcoming general conference!! 

Love you all!
Elder Hansen

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