Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hola Querida Familia y amigos,

Another amazing week with Elder Carlson is in the books!

Lovin life out here in Calexico, El Horno de dios (The Furnace of God?).  Its cooling down out here.  We only had one day over 115 this week!  And a couple days that didn't bust 110! It was a miracle. We still sweat ... a lot. :)

Wednesday! To be honest I don't remember anything interesting happening this day. Sorry! but...we tried Yum Yums Chinese restaurant with Elders Stecklein and Takke which was fun! And then Elder Takke got us donuts from this little shop down the street. We were stuffed

Thursday- We had a sweet visit with some members! The Garzon family. They're super awesome. Hno Garzon is/was a really good basketball player.  He was showing us the videos from when he was doing 360 dunks in a streetball tournament. They also made us some really good little taquitos with home made pico de gallo and salsa and tortillas. I stinkin love Mexican food!!!!!!!!  We also have been infiltrating this new neighborhood called Sevillas. Which is by far the richest neighborhood out here.  We have a theory that there are more responsible people out here who might actually keep commitments and be there when we make appointments. We will keep you posted on that!

Friday we had some good lessons with some new investigators, one of which dropped us hard for no good reason, but I think he will be coming back eventually. We also had district meeting where we tried this Chinese place that was not really very good. Fun fact-Mexicali was founded by the Chinese, so some of the best chinese food in the world can be found there and some pretty good Chinese food is here in Calexico too, it's just not at Golden Dragon. Yum Yum's was way better!

We walked around Sevillas Friday night.   Man these houses are soooo nice. Everyone has sweet trucks and quads and all the business. Since it's Calexico, it was probably really cheap! Anyway, we added some solids out there and talked to some really great people!

Saturday in the AM elders Stecklein and Takke had a baptism so we went to that. It was awesome!  Then we studied and went and ate at a members house, Hermana Montano. She fed us welllll! We had Jumbalya, Church's chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, fries and some really really good peach cheesecake. Good thing we run here a lot, or I'd be gainin some serious weight!  After that Elders Stecklein and Takke had another baptism for Jose and Zyra, who are brother and sister. They are so cool! They're the best! Jose asked me to speak so I gave a little talk on baptism... In spanish, which was fun. And what's crazy is his neighbor came, who we had contacted on the street, and she's totally interested and I'm pretty sure going to get baptized. She's in Takke and Steckleins area. It was an awesome baptism! 

Sunday was a great day at church!  We had two investigators there, and Anna is for sure our most solid! The other missionaries in our ward had a bunch of people there too! Plus Zyra, Jose and Hna Beltran got confirmed! It was awesome being in their circle! We also had a super solid lesson with Anna and a lady from our ward Hna Martinez.  It was awesome! 

Monay was a great start to the next week.  We met with some less actives, which has been a big focus of ours recently, and we have successfully reactivated a couple of people since I've been here. It's awesome! We also brought Omar Barron out to a couple of lessons with us. He's 16 and it was sweet to have him with us!!

Anyway that was my week! Today Hno Martinez took us out to In-N-Out Burger, which was awesome! And now we are emailing! :) Love you all! 

Elder Hansen

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