Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Una Semana en la superficie del sol (A Week on the Sun's Surface)

Another Great week in paradise! AKA Calexico :)

This week was Awesome!!!!

Elder Carlson and I continue to get along better and better and work better together. We also have a ton of fun doing it. I feel like we are laughing like 90% of our time together!

Some highlights of the week!

Last Tuesday we taught a sweet FHE to a couple of families. We taught about the armor of God, out of D&C 27, which is a sweet section!! We had them make the armor out of cardboard, it was super fun!!!

Last Wednesday was an adventure!!!
We had exchanges, and I went into the other Elders' area in Calexico with Elder Takke. Their area is a bike area, so it was something fun and new!! It was a scorcher that day too, so I sweated...a lot! But Elder Takke and I had some good lessons, and had a lot of fun as well. Their bikes are so ghetto, mine didn't even have brakes. haha!!! Still fun though! And don't worry mom I wore my helmet and stayed safe.

Thursday was a pretty normal day, except I met a former investigator named Jose Cunningham, and he's super cool!!! He has had some really bad back problems, so he's basically stuck in bed all the time, but he has been friends with missionaries for years, one companionship used to check on him a lot, and he says they kept him from committing suicide! Anyway, before his back problems he was a prosecuter in Mexicali, he says he put a lot of Cartel members in jail. He told us some crazy stories!! He's super cool so I'm excited that we are back in his house teaching again.

Friday we had a sweet lesson with Fernie in the Church, I'm really excited because I think he really felt the spirit and really understood the restoration and how we have the authority of Jesus Christ again. He's a super cool kid, I'm glad we were able to contact him.

Saturday we did a ton of service!!! It was super fun!
First we went and helped out at a fundraiser car wash for a kid who died at Calexico High of heat stroke. We got invited by this cool truck enthusiast we met. There was some bumpin music at this car wash. There was also some super cool lowriders there. They fed us and were really grateful to have us there, plus we got to get sprayed by some hoses!!! It was a blast. We also helped a less active named Daffney and his wife Diana move some stuff from Calexico to El Centro. Daffney is the Bomb. He feeds us all the time and loves talking to us, especially because his little brother just left on a mission. Sometimes when he can't feed us he will leave his apartment unlocked so we can go grab some food or water when we need to.

Unfortunately all the people who told us they would be at church didn't show up. Including Daffney which really made us sad. That afternoon though, there was a baptism! A family in the ward baptized their son, who's name is Nephi. Hes the funniest little kid! After he got baptized he came up with his thumbs up and said " Esta bien chilo" which is basically like "this is cool!" in slang. He cracks me up! They gave us some sweet Mexican style hot dogs after too, with chili beans and cheese and bacon and onions, they were good! They have food for everything down here, members treat us well!!!

Yesterday we had a dynamite lesson with Anna, and we finally got her to commit to baptism! We set a date for October 4th, which we all feel really good about, so I'm super excited! And hopefully we can get her two kids going as well. She is really awesome, and takes good care of us with food and sports details :) She's the bomb!

That sums up our week! Love you all!!

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