Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Me Encanta Ser Un Missionero (I Love to be a Missionary)

Hi my dear family and friends!! :)

So happy to have the chance to write you after another awesome week! It wasn't too eventful so I don't have a ton to write about, but I'll hit some high points!

Anna keeps progressing! Which makes Elder Carlson and me so happy! We finish off every night at her place and there is no better way to end it! I've seen her and her family change so much! The environment of their home has changed, her attitude has changed, and her childrens' attitudes have changed. It's awesome to see how the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can bring a family together, and make them so much happier! :) We took her to the Family History Center last week, which was awesome! She didn't have much information for herself and her ancestors, but she entered in as much information as she had! I also found out that the Senior Couple, the Carrols, are also related to Samuel Gadd! Which was fun! Anna brought us California Burritos, which are Carne Asada burritos with French fries in them, and they are sooooo good! We didn't know there was a good place to get them out here, turns out there is!!!!!! Anna takes good care of us, she also hooks us up with the NFL scores and BYU scores as well! She is a huge Niners fan, so we have some disagreements but that's okay :) Anna brought her daughter Brianne to church on Sunday.

We were a little worried because Bri doesn't speak that much Spanish, but she LOVED primary! She had the biggest smile on her face when she walked out with a sucker in her mouth, and that's all she can talk about! And she always wants to come pray with us when we go teach them! Its amazing!

Lately we have had some struggles with finding solid investigators, but we keep working hard, and talking to everyone. I know the Lord will help us find the people who are prepared to have the gospel in their lives. Elder Carlson and I have a ton of fun together! Even when the days aren't going the best we make the most out of it!

 Transfers are tomorrow!!! Crazy right? I already made it through my first transfer in the field! Me and Elder Carlson are staying together - thank goodness! Elder Stecklein got the call for a transfer, so he and Elder Takke are getting separated.  We might be seeing some changes in our area tomorrow. I have a feeling Elder Stecklein might open up a new area in Calexico.  The Church just started renting out a vacant apartment in our complex.  Supposedly we are getting two new missionaries in Calexico which is exciting!   

The work out here in the Imperial Valley is booming! It's awesome to be a part of it.  There are also some wonderful changes going on in the ward. The whole attitude has been changing for the better and it's really helping the missionary work out here. Elder Stecklein got the transfer call today, so I think he's out, but he could be opening up the new area with the new set of missionaries in our complex, so we shall see! I'll miss him a lot if he goes, but I'm excited for a little bit of change!

We have a sweet ward activity tonight for Mexican Independence day. (no Cinco de Mayo isn't independence day in Mexico), It should be a ton of fun!, I should have some pictures to send to you guys next week!  

Thank you for your prayers! Love you all!
Elder Hansen

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