Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 4, 2015 Una Semana Buena (A Good Week)

What up fam!!!

It's been a sweet week this week. It seems like the mission is picking up and moving faster and faster!! My 3 transfers (4.5 months) in the valley seemed to fly by, 3 transfers in Chula flew by even faster and now I'm 5 weeks into my third transfer here. Time is going by even faster!! My trainer goes home in less than 2 months. We went to the temple together today. We also had a sweet old reunion with Elder Takke, Elder Quinonez and some other friends from the mission. We plan out our temple p-days so we can go together.

I was reflecting a lot in the temple about our family and how awesome it is that you will all be there this week. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple and especially the blessing of eternal families.

Anyway it's been a great week. Me and Elder Cloes have still been having a blast. We have come to learn that the key to a good sandwich is a good pickle. I have lived a whole year of my mission with mediocre sandwiches because of my lack of pickles. But I've repented and turned to Vlasic bold and spicy or Famous Dave's pickles. Makes all the difference.

We are currently teaching a bunch of drunks. But they're great drunks so it's okay. We love them. We have a couple investigators who we have been having a lot of fun teaching. It's cool because we can tell that we are gaining their respect and are able to have really spiritual lessons.

We have one investigator Jose, who has been investigation for a long time and came to church consistently for a while, but stopped. We had a lesson with him on Saturday, and he's been having a hard time because his mom died of a brain aneurysm. Just testifying of the atonement and the blessings of the plan of salvation brought the spirit so strong. And he went from "maybe I'll go to church" to "I have no other choice" (in Spanish of course). It was cool to watch the spirit work with him in that moment. Then we went back to see him again yesterday and helped  answer some questions about the restoration. It's been great working with him a lot.

Anyway, I'm doing great,  So glad you are as well! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Hansen

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