Thursday, August 27, 2015

July 21, 2015

Hey awesome family! We had a really good week!

Things are great out here in the area! Still lovin it!

Not a whole lot to talk about this week, but we got the "area book planner" app, which replaces our area book and our planner, so we have been transitioning all the paper work information from our book and paper planners and we are getting used to using the ipad for pretty much everything now. But we still carry around little notebooks because there are a couple places where we don't want to pull out our ipads..haha

Sunday we had a mission president's fireside in Santee, brother Barber helped us out and gave us a ride, and the ward mission leader Hermano Robledo gave our investigator Eduardo a ride. It was awesome. In the firesides there are usually a couple of testimonies from recent converts and a few mormon messages and a bunch of awesome musical numbers. This fireside one of my favorites was a girl who isn't even baptized yet who sang and it was sooooooo good. She's supposed to get baptized this week out in Santee. She's like 16 or something like that. It was awesome and I think it really helped our investigator Eduardo because the
spirit is always really strong and it's good to hear from people who made the decision to get baptized.

Other highlight- I taught Elder Cloes how to juggle. haha he's super good at it now. It was pretty exciting.

Brother Barber made us dinner this week-bless his heart. I'm not sure if I've told you but he's a little old white man who goes to our Spanish branch because of something President Kimball said-to learn a language. And he's still workin on the language. But anyway, before we had the car he used to give us rides to church and stuff, he was always really helpful but he lives alone so he had never invited us to eat, but this week he did. He made us what he said was baked "chicken" but it turned out to be turkey and we didn't notice til we were eating the leftovers the next day but it was good either way. It just made us laugh that it was turkey in the end. He also made us spinach salad which was super good and potatoes and veggies, it was awesome! Then he apologized because he was going to make a cake but ran out of time. But we didn't need the cake! We were stuffed. And he served us root beer floats in an old frosting container. haha it was an interesting experience.

We have been teaching a lot of drunk people, well not really drunk but that had been drinking, and it makes it really hard because of their dragons breath, I had to back up from our investigator so I didn't puke. It was kind of a struggle, we will get to the word of wisdom pretty quick don't worry ;)

That's pretty much all I got. The gospel is true! I love the work and I love you all!

Elder Hansen

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