Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 27, 2015 Happy Halloween

What up family!!

Happy Halloween!! We've had an awesome week up here in beautiful  Peñasquitos. Hope all is well with everyone.  Started off an exciting week last week with an exchange with one of our district leaders into Tagalog work. That was an adventure. Elder Martinez and I had a good time, even though I really couldn't help him in any Tagalog situations. Haha it was a fun day, and we got to drive all over the mission since they cover half of it.

Thursday one of our members, sister Peterson took us out to lunch, we always love  that! Then we had weekly planning, we recorded our entire companionship inventory on video and something kind of funny happened so I'll send you guys a clip. Elder Fiso is a prankster.. Haha we also had a good dinner that night, mom you should be happy to  know that we are getting fed well. Probably too well. :)

Friday was awesome, we had a special mission leadership conference because brother Mike Hemmingway, the director of proselytizing from the missionary department was in town and agreed to do a little training.  It was awesome. He talked a bit about how we need to counsel with the Lord in everything (Alma 37:37) in missionary work especially and outside. He also talked about how important it is to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. And it's really easy to get in a routine as a missionary and forgetting to really focus on the spirit, and it's something we have been trying to apply since last Friday.  Afterwards we had dinner and then we had the trunk or treat for PQ 1st ward. It was super awesome to see all the members who invited friends and meet their non- member friends, we will be following up with them soon to see who we can go see.

After the party we had like half an hour left so we prayed to see where the Lord would have us go. All three of us got the Impression to go to one family, which we knew we couldn't knock on that late, but while we were over there we met Kyle, who is a super prepared guy, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he will be meeting with the YSA Elders soon.

Saturday was a super busy day, had coordination meetings for both wards. Both our ward mission leaders are studs by the way! And then we had district meeting, plus PQ 3rd's trunk or treat Halloween party. Met some cool non-members there as well.

Had a pretty typical Sunday- 6 hours of church, dinner and a couple of appointments fell through. Did splits with an awesome couple that night though and were able to add a new investigator, Nick who is the son of a member.

Yesterday was kind of a of those days when you have something super awesome planned and then it falls apart but you just laugh and move on.  We had a three way split planned, which was awesome. But early in the day one of the appointments cancelled and then as soon as we split another one cancelled, but Elder Fiso couldn't really do much but stay at the members house and wait for us to finish with our ward mission leader brother Gosch and then Elder Augusto and I went to our appointment.  Ours was busy because they had a newborn. All we could really do is just laugh. It was a good idea though :)

Looking forward to Halloween, we will be in early just hangin out, studying and preparing lessons and stuff. Hope you all have a good one! Love hearing from you all! Thanks for all the love and support! :)


Elder Hansen
Elders Augusto, Fiso & Hansen - Men in Black?

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