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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What's up dear friends and family! New transfer, new area, new wardS, new companionS, new language, still tons of fun!

Lots of changes this past couple of weeks have made for an exciting time! So transfers were Wednesday, needless to say I was very sad to leave the Sweetwater Spanish branch, Elder Cloes and the awesome investigators we were teaching. We all             headed out to transfer meeting and I'm always suuuper nervous for transfers...we have no idea what's going to happen to us     except that one is leaving so it's a big old surprise. President reads off the lists of missionaries getting a new companion and   announces who is going there to be their comp. Most of the areas that we had predicted had past when we got to the Penasquitos 1st and 3rd ward area (English) where Elder Fiso is serving and BAM out of nowhere president threw a curveball and that's where I went. It was a huge surprise because it's an English Zone leader area, but it's also really happy news because Elder      Fiso is a blast and a stud missionary. Not only do I get to work with Elder Fiso from Hawaii but we get Elder Augusto out here  with us, he's from Portugal. It's a pretty diverse trio. haha

I served with Elder Fiso out in the Imperial valley, he served in Brawley while I was in Calexico, so we were in the same zone. I  think I probably included a picture of him in an email home last November because we went on MTEs in the valley and I got to  go to his area.

More about the area-so the area is awesome. Penasquitos is out towards the north east part of San Diego. It's a really nice area up in the hills on the north border of the mission, we border with the Carlsbad mission. The wards are awesome from what I've seen. Obviously I haven't been able to go to church and meet everyone but all the members I have eaten with and taught with   are amazing. The best part is they are super fired up about missionary work out here! It's a night and day difference from my     last area, gated communities, big houses and hills and mountains off in the distance. It's pretty sweet though. Plus we are        covering 2 wards instead of half of a ward like I was before. It's crazy.

Our companionship is having a super good time. It's a lot of fun out here with these two. Elder Augusto goes home in like 2     months, Elder Fiso has about 6 months and I have about 8 months left. (where did the time go...?)

Yesterday we had Mission Leadership conference, which is with the Assistants, the Zone leaders and sister training leaders.   We talked a lot about faith and helping the  missionaries we work with exercise and increase their faith, which leads into some of the things that really stood out to me about conference.

Elder Anderson's talk in the priesthood session talked about faith. He opened by saying "The Savior perceived the strength or weakness in the faith of those around Him." to one person, Jesus said "Great is thy faith." To others He said, "O ye of little faith." With that, Elder Anderson asked the question, How does the Savior see Your faith." You can take that two ways.. a measurement like "little faith, or great faith" Or how our president phrased it... "Based on your actions, how does the Savior SEE your     faith?" or, in other words, "How is my faith evident in my actions so that it is visible to the Savior?" This is the penetrating       question that we are currently pondering. He also asked "When was the last time that you read the Book of Mormon from cover-to-cover? Read it again. It will increase your faith." And our mission has taken that and put the goal of reading it cover to         cover between now and Christmas.

The other thing that stood out a lot was PONDERIZING by elder Durant. I hope you all accepted the invitation as we have to      ponderize a scripture once a week! I'm stoked to do it, we started as a companionship.

Don't forget Elder Holland's awesome talk about mothers. I LOVE YOU MOM!

Anyway there's what I got for today. I love you all, I love the work, it's going great and I'm having a blast. Keep the pics of         Harvey and company comin! I love em!

With love,
Elder Hansen

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