Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016 Es que yo no vivo en esta área

Buenos Dias family and friends!!

I hope you all had a great week! We did out here in beautiful Logan.

Here's some highlights.

Last Wednesday we had exchanges, I went with Elder Dahl, who is in the other Spanish unit in our zone right now. Fun fact he lived in May Hall at BYU the same time I did, we ran into each other once that we can remember, when we found out we had both been called to San Diego, but it took me almost a year in the mission to find him and remember that. We had a super sick day in Logan, he served here last summer so he knew some of the members and stuff, but the area has changed a lot since then.

We decided to take a member named Valeria out with us to go contact some people and to have her introduce us to her friends. She seems to know everyone and everyone knows her, and she's out here street contacting as if she was a missionary. It was awesome, and she took us to her friend Rita, who is one of the sweetest ladies I've met here in Logan. We had an awesome restoration lesson with her and she even agreed to be baptized in May. She is awesome!

Later that same day a crazy drunk guy stopped us and we were trying to make our getaway, but he was being difficult. Luckily this girl had just gotten off the bus and was running over to talk to us, not only did she save us from talking to that guy more, she turned out to be super cool (more about her later).

A really cool miracle this week- we invited Abdi to pray to ask if he should be baptized last Saturday (we asked him on Monday) and when we finally found him home Thursday we followed up and he said simply "I just know I need to be baptized". He has such a pure desire to follow Christ. So we arranged the interview and had a miracle baptism on Saturday, he's such an awesome kid. The best part was that the ward really rallied around him and are really stoked.

So we went back to the girl who saved us from the crazy guy- her name was Veronica. She had recently moved here from Oregon with a bunch of her family. Turns out her kids, who live with her sister in Oregon are all members and her son just finished putting in his mission papers.
One of her sisters that she lives with is also a member and she has two nephews on missions. She is super awesome and we had one of the most spiritual restoration lessons. She felt the spirit super strong and really has a strong desire to follow Christ. We are super stoked about her and all of her family.

Sunday was awesome, we had all of the recent converts in the branch there all at once which was super cool, the branch is stoked about that, and Abdi was even able to receive the Aaronic priesthood. Things are looking great here in Logan, the members are super stoked about the work right now and so are we.

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