Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What's up dear family and friends, the end of another sick week here in Logan Heights has come to an end. We are now in week 6 of the transfer, final week! Time is flying by faster than ever.

We have seen some awesome miracles, the Lord's hand is in His work! Last Monday we got chased down by a man named Pablo, apparently he was trying to catch up to us for 2 blocks but didn't catch us until we got to our destination. He stopped us and asked if we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ-- we said yes of course, he asked what we had to give him. We were taken aback but quickly handed him everything we had to give him, a Book of Mormon a couple pamphlets and our phone number. He told us he had met with missionaries before in Mexico but had since lost his way a little bit and now wants to follow God. We went to teach him the following day and had an awesome restoration lesson. He lit up as the gospel started to click for him again and he accepted a baptismal date for really soon. He said one of the simplest, most humble prayers I've ever heard at the end of the lesson, earnestly asking for God's help to be able to follow him. As he ended the prayer and tears ran down his cheeks the spirit was so strong! He just sat there and clutched his chest. We continued to teach him the following few days and he was eating everything up, loving all of the reading assignments and pamphlets. Unfortunately he was living out of his work van and his situation wasn't very conducive to progress and he decided to move to Oxnard California with his brother. We are helping him get in contact with missionaries up there, but all in all it was a very humbling and enlightening experience to teach Pablo, even for such a short time.

Veronica and Her nephew Bryan are awesome, they came to mutual with us last Thursday which was good! It's a super cool family, they also came to the Mormon battalion with us yesterday, we had an activity as a branch so we had a bunch of members there and the battalion is an awesome place to feel the spirit. Veronica's sister Rebecca (who was baptized in Oregon a while ago) is doing awesome at helping them along. We are super stoked about them, they are a blast to teach.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with elder Winn in his area, the walking area which is always a lot of fun. We talked to a ton of people, met some really cool ones. Elder Winn was the first elder I met, in the airport in Houston on our way to Mexico, now we get to "die" in Logan together. (Die means go home in mission language). We had a super fun day, he's a stud.

Church was great because we had a lot of recent converts there, it's fun when they are all there participating in gospel principles class.

Those are probably the big highlights of the week, things are going really well. Can't wait to hear from you all!

Elder Hansen

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