Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here's my week! 

For starters, Last Tuesday after P-day sports we had Carne Asada at a members house, with all the missionaries. It was so much fun! And dang, Carne Asada tacos are the best food in the whole wide world. It was awesome.

Wednesday we had a normal day, planned for our week. Taught our investigators. It was sweet. I exchanged that night with Elder Takke. I love Elder Takke, we had an awesome exchange. I love exchanges, it's a great chance to learn from other missionaries and also get to know them! 

Friday was MTEs (missionary training experience). That's where President Schmitt comes and does a training in the morning, and then we go out with a coach for the rest of the day. We had an awesome training about inviting, and how important it is to invite others to take steps to bring them closer to Christ and help them repent. Elder Hawkins and I taught a workshop type thing on the invitation to church. It was pretty cool. That night I went to Brawley with Elder Fiso and Elder Oakley. It was teaching in English this time which was kinda nice. It was such a fun day! We taught a bunch of lessons, and it was cool to meet other investigators. 

Saturday we exchanged back and went and contacted a referral we got. He was super open and let us come in and teach him right then and there, which is rare. So we taught a sweet restoration lesson. He's a super cool guy. That night we had the adult session of Stake Conference. It was sweet because we had couple of members of the Quorum of Seventies there to change the stake presidency. They did a panel about missionary work, one with converts, one with ward mission leaders and one with a couple who talked about how getting sealed in the temple has blessed their lives. It was super cool. 

Sunday we had the normal session of conference! Again it was awesome to hear from the Seventies! I never realized how cool it is that our church is the same organization that Christ had when he was on the earth. When we were inviting people to church, we were stressing how when Christ was here he called his Seventies as well, and that we had the opportunity to listen to current members of the Quorum of Seventies in PERSON! I had never realized the significance of this before. Unfortunately none of our investigators came, because it was in El Centro and so it was a bit of a drive.

Yesterday was an awesome day. It was one of those days where you really see the Lord's hand in His work, because of the way the day happened. Finding different people at home, just arriving or just leaving, who we wouldn't have seen if we arrived later or earlier, just worked out the way it was supposed to! Which was cool.

I love the work! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Love Elder Hansen

Elder Hansen & Elder Hawkins

On Exchange with Elder Takke

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