Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias (Happy Day of Thanksgiving)

Here's a summary of my week!

Last Wednesday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. This time I stayed in my area with Elder McChesney from AF Utah. He's a super cool guy and an awesome missionary! I love exchanges because we always learn so much, and it's a fun chance to get to know other missionaries! We had a good time, taught some good lessons! We also interviewed Derrick Castaneda and Gilbert Mares for baptism and they are all set to go for this weekend! It's going to be an awesome week!

Thursday we had some super sweet lessons! We first talked to this guy Omar when I first got to Calexico, like the middle of August, and he said come back at the end of September, so we did. And ever since then we have been trying to set up a solid appointment and every time something has come up and we couldn't meet. This week he got sick (miracle), so he was able to finally meet.  So we taught him and his wife the restoration, and they were stoked about it and about the Book of Mormon! They weren't able to make it to church this week, but he has already read the chapter we left him, and we are stoked to talk to him again! We have an appointment with him tomorrow. We are also teaching a bunch of youth right now. I don't know how it happened but most of our super solid investigators are 13-17 right now, which is cool! They are super honest seekers of truth so its fun to teach them!

Friday-Highlight was the Priesthood activity at Brother Garzon's house. We watched a movie in his back yard and had Carne Asada. They were going to watch Church Ball, but the disc didn't work so I threw in a couple church movies about the book of Mormon and the Mormon Battalion. It worked out nicely, because we couldn't have watched Church Ball anyway. Authentic Carne Asada tacos are the most delicious food on the planet. I am completely converted to Mexican food. It was sweet because Gilbert went, and a couple of the deacons came with him, so the fellowship was fantastic! I'm super stoked about how he loves the ward!

Saturday-Saturday we had a member drive us around (we donated our van to the bike elders for the day). It was sweet to have a member there to testify of what we say!   He also bought us a little bit of lunch while we were out :). While we were coming out of a lesson some kids took the tops off his tire inflator thingys... it was pretty funny. He was mad!

Sunday we got to teach the Elders Quorum lesson... that was an adventure! But it went well though! We taught about prayer, and it really helped strengthen my testimony of prayer...especially how when we pray with the intent of following the will of the Lord and his answers.  Our prayers will be answered! I think it's really cool how we are promised that whatever we ask the father in the name of Jesus Christ will be given to us, as long as we ask in faith and intend to act!

Yesterday we had a surprise meeting with our mission president about a new initiative called "He is the Gift". It's super cool! They are really encouraging everyone to listen to the message of Jesus Christ! I love all that they're doing with it! Check it out!Christmas.Mormon.Org!

Tell all of the family I love them and miss them (extra special love for Gloria ;) )

We had a fantastic past week! And it looks like this week will be awesome as well! 

Thank you all for your love and support!


Elder Hansen

Elder Hansen, Elder King & Elder Takke

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