Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We had a super awesome week! Thanksgiving was super good! We had a lunch with some members, and then Dinner at Anna's house. It was super good, all her family was there, and it totally felt like family for me too!. I loved it!

Derrick was baptized on Friday! It was an awesome service. He's nine but a stud! He even remembered all of the ten commandments in order...I can't even do that! A lot of their family was there. Anna gave her testimony at the end and it was best thing ever!!!

Saturday Gilbert got baptized! He's awesome. We have been teaching him and his 3 brothers (25,16,8). He is a stud! He loves being a part of the youth and he's already an awesome example for the rest of the ward! It was also an awesome service! A good amount of people were able to come which was awesome! We even had some investigators there!

We are teaching a lot of youth right now, which is cool! It's fun to see them get involved with the youth program, and it will bless there lives a lot in the future! Two of the youth, Mia and Zandra came to church, and it was good! They liked it a lot. They are doing super good! Another youth, Jadrien went to the baptism on Saturday and thought it was cool! I love when investigators come to baptismal services, they get to see how awesome it is!

I'm super excited for the Christmas season when we get to focus a ton on Jesus Christ! It's an awesome time to share the gospel!

Thank you for all of your love and support!

Elder Hansen

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