Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transfer From Calexico

How's it going?  We had an awesome last week! Still lovin it out here! I got the phone call today and I'm getting transferred tomorrow. We shall see where I go! I'm a little bit sad because I was supposed to baptize Ricardo, he's 21 and he's a super cool guy. He hangs out with the missionaries all the time! I love the guy. I would totally hangout with him after the mission! But now I don't get to baptize him this weekend :/ 

I'm also going to miss tons of the recent converts and members in the ward! I feel a little bit like I wasn't completely done here in Calexico, but I'm excited for whatever the Lord has in store for me! We will see how it goes. It was a big surprise. Elder Hawkins and I were both counting on me staying.... CRAZY!! never know what's going to happen on transfers!

You two are hilarious for going and getting turkeys in Moroni at the turkey plant.. haha 35 lbs is crazy!! that's so much food!  I got my box before Thanksgiving! Thanks so much!! :)

Glad to hear everything in Utah went well, and that you got the lights up at home! It's awesome to see Christmas lights and everything up! Even though it doesn't feel like Christmas season at all...It's like 75 and sunny everyday. haha love it though!

So sad I missed getting the decorations down from the attic.. haha my back hurts just thinking about it! I bet it was tough with just you two though!

Nothing else I need! I'm doing great! Thank you for all your love and support! Anything I can do for you while I'm out here??

Love you all so much!

Elder Hansen :)

We also received a great email from a good member of the Calexico ward.  She and her family have been taking good care of the missionaries and Alex has written often about them.  She was baptized in October and her son Derrick was baptized 2 weeks ago. We really appreciate all she has been doing for Alex and his fellow missionaries.  She also included some pictures of his last night in Calexico before the big transfer.

Hello Hansens, I'm sure Elder Hansen already gave you the news....he is being transferred, I'm super sad, we were totally not expecting or prepared for that...but I wanted to let you know that you have done an amazing've raised a great young man...I'm sure you already know that!  I hope I can raise my son to be as awesome as far so good. It was an honor to have met Elder Hansen and have him be such a great part of my life...we loved having him in our home and our family...I pray Heavenly father takes care of him and keeps him safe...thank you! We love him and he will be missed in our home...Here are some pics of his last night in my home and if you should ever find yourselves in Calexico...Mi casa es su casa (my house is your house/you are always welcome here) I hope all is well in Washington and Go Seahawks...Merry Christmas!

Love always

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