Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

I had a fantastic week!

Last Wednesday was transfers, so we drove in to San Diego.  It's about a two hour drive. That was an adventure, and the weather in San Diego was super nice. Elder Carlson went to Logan Heights, which is right in the heart of San Diego, its kind of "The Hood". Church is held in an elementary school.

My new companion is Elder Hawkins! He's super awesome! He's from South Jordan Utah, and he's been on his mission about 21 months. He was just in Logan Heights where Elder Carlson is now. He's such an awesome missionary! It's going to be an awesome time here in the next few weeks.

Highlights from the work:

We are still teaching the Maris brothers. They are very solid and it's really exciting! They came to church on Sunday even though they were in different houses the night before. We thought they might not make it because of this, but they did!

We are also teaching Derrick Castaneda, he's so excited for his baptism at the end of this month, and we are too! Their family is doing very well, we love going over there because there is always someone to teach!

Next P-day we are planning to go to San Diego, and hopefully some recent converts can go to the temple to do baptisms and then take some people to the Mormon Battalion site. That should be exciting. We have to get members to take us, since it would be so many miles to put on mission cars, but I think we have that all arranged! It should be awesome.

Today all of the missionaries are having a little Carne Asada at Hno Silvas house, that should be pretty exciting! It's always fun to have Carne Asadas. I think that's my new favorite food. REAL Carne Asada tacos. :)

The weather has been cooling down a bunch! The mornings and nights are super cool, which is awesome. Elder Hawkins and I even wore our sweaters yesterday!

Anyway, I'm having an awesome time here in Calexico! Love to hear that you are doing well! Love and Miss you!

Elder Hansen

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