Tuesday, January 6, 2015

December 23, 2014 Felize Navidad

We had an awesome week this past week.

We are working with a recent convert named Kemberley (25). She got baptized a couple weeks before I got here, and her sister Yuridiana (15) will be baptized this Saturday! Also, her parents have recently changed their attitude and are really thinking about getting baptized, which is awesome! Before, they didn't even think about it, they just knew it was something good for their daughters. They have really cut back on the drinking, and we haven't even taught the parents the word of wisdom! And they LOVE church! They always talk about how much they feel the spirit there, which is great! They are continuing to pray for answers and say they will set a baptismal date when they are more sure! We are super stoked about that whole family! (that is the family we are Skyping with) They are excited to see our families, even though they only speak Spanish.

The ward here is awesome! We have some super great members and we love visiting them! We visit this one girl Haley a lot. She was baptized a few years ago, but went super less active, but recently she has been super active! We have been helping her read the Book of Mormon, and understand it. She's super good at baking so she makes us a bunch of desserts, which is awesome!!! She's very cool!
Other than that we have just been walking around our tiny little area in downtown Chula Vista trying to share la buena palabra de Dios! (the word of God)  It's pretty sick! There is a park in our area that reminds me a lot of Edmonds Marina, it's very pretty! There's a bay with a ton of boats and stuff, we went down there a few days ago.

We also went to this area called Christmas Circle, with a ton of Christmas lights and we sang Christmas carols as a district! It was really fun! We are also going to go caroling to less actives and investigators as a district on Christmas Eve, which I'm really excited for! :) I'm super stoked for the rest of this week! And I hope you have an awesome Christmas!

Love you all! Elder Hansen

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