Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Week in Lemon Grove/Sweetwater!

Hey family! How's it going?

It's been a good week! Nothing too incredibly exciting happened!

One miracle though we have one investigator who has been kind of hard to contact since I've been here, but we had a sweet lesson with her on Friday last week. She's super ready to get baptized in the next couple weeks! We are stoked!  She met the missionaries when she was 12 and she's 19 now and she's finally getting baptized! We are super excited for her! It was awesome to hear her bear testimony about how the spirit has slowly worked on her over time and she's developed the desire to get baptized! She was talking about how she has no doubt about the Book of Mormon or the living prophet, and she even wants to serve a mission in a couple of years! It was awesome!

My comp and I are having a blast.  He's hilarious. We get along super well! So that's good. Our apartment is interesting though. haha cockroaches everywhere...it's nast! But we put out some little poison things and now they just show up dead everywhere. It is what it is. It's been a missionary apartment forever so what else can we expect!

Me and my district have been having a lot of fun! We helped paint last Friday after district meeting and we did community service with Mormon Helping Hands on Saturday morning which was fun!

Last Thursday the Mission Leadership Council was awesome. It was Brother Hemmingway, who is in charge of the missionary department and Brother Donaldson who is also in the missionary department He was the mission president here in San Diego when the District 2 was filmed and Brother Hemmingway was executive producer of the District 1, so they had some really cool information and insights on the district videos. Also, they just had some incredible things to teach us. It was awesome to receive instruction from people with so much experience in Missionary work. It was a 7 hour meeting, but it flew by, I loved every second of it and It has played a huge influence on how we are going to do missionary work from this point forward!

They didn't even really talk that much about ipads... But that will come later in the month of May, which is sweet! the meeting for that is May 19th when we should receive them.

Those are the highlights of what's going on around here!

District meetings are good. We have lots of stuff to talk about. I'm just always looking for fun activities and games to keep it interesting. So if you have anything from all those books you have of activities and stuff that you have used I would really appreciate it!

Our area is interesting...we meet a lot of weird people especially in public transportation...Our apartment complex is pretty nice, but our apartment has been a missionary apartment for too long it's beat up.  We live in the same building as 2 English zone leaders and 2 of our sisters. The English Elders drive us around a lot which is great. The street we live on is pretty much businesses and restaurants so we have like everything close by.

That's all I got! 

Love you all so much!

Elder Hansen

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