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April 7, 2015

Cool shirts from the thrift store.

Elder Hansen & Lola

Arm's Length from the Sisters

We had a great week last week! It was a little bit slow as far as the work goes, I would imagine that it had to do with spring break and Easter, but it was also super awesome because of Conference and Easter. We had an awesome General Conference! We had 6 investigators come to at least one session of conference. Plus Yolanda had her baptismal interview and she's all ready to go for Friday! Each of the three companionships in our ward are baptizing this weekend! We are super stoked! It's the last weekend of the transfer so if I leave next week it will be a great way to end my time here in Chula! We will find out next p-day if I'm staying or going. I kind of have a feeling I'm leaving, but I could also stay here for another transfer, we will see how it goes. 

Conference was sweet! I loved Elder Holland's talk a lot. But I loved Elder Brent H. Nielson's talk right before his, about his sister who fell away for a while. He is the seventy who came to our mission in December and spoke to us. I loved how personal his talk was, and he also taught some great principals of love and patience and just living the gospel. I also really loved President Uchtdorf's talk right after Elder Holland's. I felt like Elder Holland hit us with a super passionate testimony about the Atonement, and then President Uchtdorf hit us with the grace and mercy talk which was like the "why" or the doctrine behind the Atonement. Those three talks in a row were just like a spiritual knockout punch for anyone who was listening. I loved it!!

Elder Quiñonez and I have been having a ton of fun lately, and we have really been on the same page as far as teaching goes, which is sweet. It also makes me think we will be transferred because it seems like as soon as you are having a ton of fun and you really love your companion you get transferred... but we will see! We are also super stoked because Alma, Yolanda's daughter came to conference and really liked it. That's 2 weeks in a row at church and I can see her getting baptized soon, so we are going to try and set her with a baptismal date for pretty soon. That was sweet! I also went on a sweet exchange with Elder Conner, he's our new zone leader. He went into the MTC with me at the same time, but was in another district, plus we served with each other for 3 transfers in the Valley. It was a lot of fun. I'll throw in a picture of that!
We went to the Mormon Battalion yesterday with Larry, Rosio Sam and Sam's little friend Jonas. It was sweet! I will include a picture of that too!

Thanks for the update on the Mariners, hopefully they can keep this goin and play up to their potential! 

I forgot to mention what we did on Easter! 

We were well taken care of. President Hunt from the Mission Presidency invited all the missionaries in the Chula Vista Zones who didn't have a dinner appointment to his house to eat. He has a super nice house so we ate in the back by his pool. The weather was great! It was awesome! 

It was great to hear from you parents! Thanks for being the best! 

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