Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey fam! Hope you all had a fantastic week!!! 

We sure did! 

Every week is a fantastic week in San Diego!

Here are some of the highlights!

Last Thursday we went to visit our investigator Alondra. Last time we saw her she had lost a lot of interest as she got busy with her kids and life got in the way. But between our visits Hermana Perez had called her and invited her to the activities and to church.  Alondra told us that she felt different when "Alma" (hna Perez) had called her. We had to figure out who Alma was but once we did we set up an appointment with Alondra so we could bring Hna Perez with us. And it was dynamite! We talked about the plan of salvation, and Hna Perez was right there the whole time to testify and be her friend. She invited Alondra and her son Elliot to church and they came! It was a huge testimony to me how important it is to have fellowshippers for our investigators. She had a fantastic experience at church as well because the members were really friendly and went up and greeted her and made her feel welcome. 

CHALLANGE- next time you see a new face in church, whether it could be an investigator or a newly-moved member go say hi and introduce yourself. It could make all the difference in whether they have a great experience in a new church or new ward! It made all the difference for Alondra, and she has every intention of going next week!

We had a great lesson with our branch mission leader Brother Robledo yesterday with an investigator who is working really hard to find a new job so he can go to church and also working to get over issues with the Word of Wisdom. It was great to have Hermano Robledo there to testify and help him see that just because we fall doesn't mean that all is lost.

I have gained an even bigger testimony this week of MEMBER WORK! We can't do it without the members, so do all you can to help the missionaries Find, Teach, Baptize, Rescue and Retain those sheep that the Lord needs back in His fold!

Another Cool highlight is that Saturday the sisters' investigators got married and baptized.  It was awesome to see them take both steps in the same day! It was an awesome service and the ward provided a nice little dinner afterword which was fantastic!

Another highlight is we found out we are allowed to go to the Padres Game next week for pday! We are stoked about that! It should be a fun adventure, we will see how that goes!

Next week I'll probably be emailing you from our sweet new ipads!!!

Love you!

Elder Hansen

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