Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Padres Game

Hey family!! Happy Tuesday!
We had an interesting week!! It all started last Tuesday right after we left the apartment and went to contact some referrals. While we were walking back down the street we walked past a normal looking van, except there was a guy in a bulletproof vest and with a combat helmet on... So we decided to try a couple more people on that street so we could see what was going to go down. We waited a few minutes and saw a bunch more trucks and stuff pull up to a house where we were JUST TALKING TO A GUY. And they all jumped out with their DEA vests and assault rifles. And a couple minutes later the guy was in handcuffs on the porch. That was pretty interesting to witness!
The next few days were pretty normal! But then Saturday there was a ward activity for Father's Day. We had a Carne Asada picnic in a nearby park which was awesome.
We then went to teach Kendy and Evans with the sister who speaks French. We talked to him about prophets and invited him to a baptism that night in Chula Vista and he came!!! We got a member, hermano Perez, to drive us all the way down to my last area and we got to see Pamela get baptized!! I don't know if you remember talking about Ramon and his family...we went to the Mormon battalion a few times. We taught Pamela the lessons and challenged her to be baptized. Well the sisters helped finish preparing her to get baptized which was awesome! I'll include pictures of that as soon as I can. The best part though was having our investigators Kendy and Evans there and they loved it!! We only expected to have one of them there, but Kendy invited 2 other friends. We had 6 people piled in a 4 person car. 
It was awesome to see our three Haitian investigators there in the baptism! That was the highlight of the week. Plus it was great to see some of the members in Chula again.
Sunday was sweet! We met our new investigator Ulysses. He had met with the missionaries a long time ago and even went to church and met some of our members! He's the brother of Alondra who is probably our most solid investigator. She didn't come to church this week but she is doing really good! Someone who is really looking for the truth, and doing what it takes to find the answers! 
Ulysses is also super open and very humble and receptive to the spirit.
Juan is still looking for a new job so he can come to church. As soon as he finds one he will be baptized. Sam disappeared off the face of the earth. She's probably avoiding us which makes us sad. She was so ready to be baptized! Other than that we are on the hunt! 
The great thing is the branch is behind us and really supporting the work and we are seeing that make a big difference!
Yesterday we had a zone conference which is where a few zones come together and we receive instruction. Yesterday we talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is as a tool in our conversion to Jesus Christ. It was awesome to focus on the Book of Mormon and how it has answers to almost all of our problems and doubts! 
We also received iPads and we are in the process of setting them up and stuff and getting them going! It's nice to be able to email on the go!
And here is a picture of us at the Padres baseball game today!
Have great week!
Love Elder Hansen

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