Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 26, 2015 - Mission Conference

Hey Fam! It was a great week this week! 

We added 7 new investigators, and we got a new one with a baptismal date! so we have a couple who are really serious about preparing for baptism! We are stoked about that! 

Highlights of the week were the mission conference Tuesday for sure! Here is a list of favorite quotes from Elder Clarke

- Marriage and family is the most important organization in time and eternity.

- Are you a convert to Chapter 8 (using time wisely/goals)? You become different and everything else will become different. 

- With goals, take the word "try" out of your vocabulary. President Kimball said "Do it now!" 

- The Lord can work miracles in you. When you set inspired goals, you can expect miracles. We need to start thinking of thousands, not 2 baptisms per missionary each year. (Alma 23:5).

- Goals that are not written down are called dreams and they don't happen.

- Take off your name tag, look at it, kneel down, and report to Him what you have done with His name today.

- Iowa Des Moines Mission in 2010 - went from 279 baptisms Thanksgiving week to 401 by year-end. Teach the "cans and wannas" and stop teaching the "can'ts and don't wannas." 

- Love problems, love life!

- Happy always, content never!

- The Missionary Handbook doesn't have rules. For missionaries, these are commandments!

- The question is: Can you be trusted?

- I have no interest in fishing; I have interest in catching!

- The question is: Do you love Him? If you do, you will feed His lambs and sheep.

- We need to change. If we keep doing things the same ways, we need to change. You've got to be hungry to convert. We should baptize because we love the people, and then we keep them. Do you ask, "Who do you know?" after every lesson? 

- I'd tell my companion, "Don't let me eat if I don't always ask 'Who do you know?'"

- There is not a day on your mission that you should not read two books: The Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel.

- Don't let anybody determine your happiness. If you don't let the mission go through you, it will not change you. You cannot simply go through the mission.

- We need to be hungry to do this work. This work matters to the Lord. You will become like Him as you do this work!

- I would go home tonight and write down who I am and who I will become. Each night, I would commit to the Savior that I'll be better. Write up who I'd like to be and make it who I am.

That was one of the most inspiring meetings of my life and it has really started to help change the culture of the mission. We have started to become master missionaries and the results are already coming! We are starting to see the miracles in our area and in the mission as a whole!

Other highlight of the week happened yesterday! First off we got our new investigator Michelle with a date, she is 13 and is really excited! Then after that the English elders called and told us we were going to start teaching a couple of investigators they had. They are from Haiti, and they only speak French, Creole and a tiny bit of Portuguese, except one knows a little bit of Spanish, so we get to teach them! We got some French pamphlets and a couple French Book of Mormons and we are starting to teach them! We taught one of them-Kendy the restoration yesterday.  We basically taught him in the most simple vocabulary we could muster, like teaching a child and it was awesome to feel how we were all edified even though there was a slight language barrier, but the holy ghost doesn't have a language barrier, which was a huge blessing. We are also learning how to teach more simply and clearly, which is always a good thing!

Anyway! Those our adventures from this week! Elder Gonzalez and I are staying together for at least another 6 weeks and we are stoked! We are planning on seeing tons of miracles this transfer and continuing to grow! 

Can't wait to hear from you again! 

Elder Hansen

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