Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - Feliz Dia de San Valentin

What's up everyone!! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day this past week.

We had a super good week.  As a mission we have been focusing on reaching the standard of excellence, or really pushing ourselves to find new people, bring people to church, and help them set baptismal dates. It's been awesome because as we have focused on these things we have really been able to help people grow closer to Christ.

We have found some awesome new people this week, we our working with our recent convert Brenda's son Abdi. He's super cool. He's 19 and has a really strong desire to do what God wants him to do. Yesterday it was cool because we were talking about commandments, and he realized that when God gives us commandments it's not just to hinder or restrict us, it's always for our own benefit. As he realized that he was more than willing to live the commandments.

We taught a super cool kid we met yesterday.  It's really cool to see people realize that God really does listen to his prayers, and helping people say their very first prayer ever is one of my favorite things ever. He gave the most humble prayer, and you could really tell he was seeking to know if what we taught him was true.

The other day we were walking through an apartment complex where some random people were grilling some stuff. We went over there and talked to them, told them their food smelled really good, so they told us to come back in an hour. We did. We found out they were making stingray, which is actually super good. So we had some tacos de monterraya. I love Mexican food.

Anyway-we are going to a cool park for p-day, I'm sure we will have some good pictures to send later. Love you all!

Elder Hansen :)

We were driving down the streets of Logan and saw a burning shopping cart.

Flaming Shopping Cart in the Barrio

At the Laundromat

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