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Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Qué onda (Cool)

Qué onda!!

Whats up fam and friends??

It was the end of a fantastic week here in the Logan Heights Spanish branch. every Tuesday we have dinner and a lesson with a recent convert, Maria. The one we went to the temple with a few weeks ago. She is the sweetest little Mexican grandma ever. She's the best. She makes awesome food, always gives us tons of salsa and has one of the most solid testimonies ever. I always leave her house so happy, because you can really see the light of the gospel in her life. She met the missionaries at a really low point as well, so it's awesome to see her progressing so much. It's so funny when we read the Book of Mormon with her sometimes she will realize she zoned out so she makes us read it again, she always wants to understand everything, and she's whip smart so she does. She's also running a smog check business while she's at it, she's always going going going. She got sick last week and said she woke up sick so she got up a little earlier and started working until she felt better, she's amazing.

Wednesday we had exchanges, I stayed here in Logan with Elder Gunther, from Mapleton Utah, we had a lot of fun. I'll include a picture of our exchange. We taught a bunch of good lessons that day and talked to a Ton of people. We had a great lesson with Giselle who is getting baptized this weekend, she's so awesome!! That night David also had his baptismal interview, he's the coolest little guy every, such a good example of child-like love. His mom was really excited, too she's a returning member. They are an awesome little family. It took a little work to get them feeling the spirit so Joana would be excited about David's baptism and let him do it but it all worked out in the end.

Thursday we had a zone meeting, Elder Burt and I taught about working with members, and we also had training on helping people receive revelation through prayer. It was a little scary because President Schmitt came, but it was super good, it was awesome to have his insights there.

Friday was mostly us running around getting everything put together for David's baptism, it was kinda stressful because it was a bit last minute, but we got it all together pretty well.

Saturday was cool we a had a busy morning and afternoon teaching lessons Abd got to go to a little carne asada with one of the returning members we are teaching, which was perfect because we didn't have a lot of time to grab dinner before David's baptism. We went and got everything set up and then waited, and waited and waited. Joana and David came eventually but we were a little worried for a while because it was like 30 minutes after it was supposed to start. But it all went okay and we had good support from the branch.

Yesterday the niño got confirmed! It's always good when they get confirmed and recieve the don. Aka the holy ghost. Always a relief. Besides that it was a pretty normal day at church, afterword we had studies and dinner with a member, Carmen who feeds us every Sunday, we will try to take a picture at her place next week, she's awesome. We had 2 awesome lessons that night, one with Sara and her son Jonathan who is 15, they are super sincere, we are stoked about them.

Yesterday was pretty normal, had some good lessons. Taught Giselle and her husband George, she's getting baptized on Saturday, we are super excited and so is she. She's so solid, her testimony is super strong.

That's about all I got, everyone go check out and check out the video on there! It's like 2 minutes long but it's super cool.

Love you all, hope to hear from you!

Elder Hansen

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