Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016, Buenos Dias Mis Queridos Amigos!

We had a really good week this! I hope you all have too.

Last Wednesday we had a two-day training with our mission president and the assistants, which included exchanges in other zones. Elder Burt and I gave a training on commitment invitations, we feel like it went really good, we made it pretty fun and felt like it really impacted the missionaries. We talked about making our invitations clear when we invite people to act and helping them realize why they are doing it, to strengthen their faith and help them realize the blessings that come from what we are inviting them to do (i.e. Read the scriptures, pray, baptism) whatever it might be. We had fun with it.

For the exchange I went to an English ward in our stake, with Elder Byington. We had fun.  I got to see a little different part of San Diego which was fun. We went to an area called Hillcrest which is similar to a Capitol Hill type area.  We met some interesting people there for sure. It's a lot different than our normal area which is full of friendly Latinos. It was a cool area to be in though.

We found 7 new investigators this week which was awesome.  We meet some super cool people who are really prepared to learn about the gospel and most importantly to act on the things they learn.

Saturday we had an awesome opportunity to go do baptisms for the dead in the temple with Maria, a recent convert of a few months. She lost her daughter a little while ago, and when she was learning about the gospel, one of her favorite parts was the plan of salvation, and the opportunity her daughter would have to accept the gospel. It was so
cool to be there with her. She is a fantastic lady, one of the coolest people I've met here in Logan.

Sunday was funny in church.  We are the closest unit to downtown, so we had a few visitors stop by not knowing we were a Spanish branch and not knowing we met in a school, so we got to translate for a couple of members from out of town. The week before I got here Donny Osmond even visited because he wanted to take the sacrament while he was down here for a show.

Sunday we also had a mission president's devotional in Chula Vista. We were invited to sing in the choir. It was English so not as many people from my Chula ward were there, but I got to see some of my favorite members, it's so cool to see people after such a long time.

We went on exchanges with our district leader they live right below us so we still eat lunch and exercise together so it wasn't like elder Burt and I were really separated. You know you like your companion when you are still happy to see them during exchanges. I was with Elder Najera, we served in the same ward in Chula Vista together so it was fun to catch up after a year of not serving around each-other.

That's about all I got for this week, I'll include some pictures! Hope you all have a great week!

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