Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week Five - Only a Few Days Left in Mexico


Glad you had a great time in Utah! Those pictures look so fun! This week has been pretty uneventful... just the same old same old! 

 I miss Mike, glad to hear he is doing well though. He went through the temple and spoke in church :) I´m proud of him!  

Only a few days left! All of our district leaves for the field at 2 am on Monday morning except for Elder Fazio and me. We will get Monday to just hangout with our teachers, prepare to leave and do some last minute studying. Then we leave the CCM on Tuesday at like 2:30 am. 

I got the same information you did in a letter from my Mission President!!! After they pick us up at the airport, we get to spend the day at the mission home and be trained by the mission leaders, eat some good food and get a good night's sleep before we are introduced to our new companions and assigned to our new areas the next day.  I´m super excited! A little nervous because I have no idea what to expect, but mostly just super excited!!! 

I'm glad to hear you are working with the Elders in the ward.  Try to help the Elders out as much as you can! I regret not doing more for them now. The ward makes a huge impact on missionary work! Try to greet and welcome the investigators when you see them at church!

As for this week the only real exciting thing was getting a new teacher. One of ours was heading back home to visit his family, so we won´t get to see him again before we leave. All of our teachers are great. Our new teacher is a sister, shes super sweet! She´s great, always plays fun games and is one of the nicest investigators we have gotten to teach. 

Last night we had another crazy crazy rainstorm! It flooded super duper bad, but then this morning it's all gone, crazy mexican weather!! Elder Bounds got sick this week, but they gave him some sketchy Mexican drugs and now he feels better. haha.  We´ve gotten to be pretty good buds. We teach well together too, finishing each other's sentences and stuff. I´m gonna miss him when we leave!

We also had a really great lesson from our teacher about Helaman 5. He has some of the best insights into scriptures! Talking about how Helaman taught Lehi and Nephi to be great missionaries, and they taught with such power, and helping us to do the same when we get into the field. It was awesome! And its really fun to understand what he is saying in Spanish, because he gives such great lessons when he speaks his own language. I´m gonna miss Hermano Ramirez! He's coming to San Diego for Thanksgiving! Hopefully I´ll be in an area close and he can come sit in on a lesson or something. We are buds! 

Hopefully next week I´ll have more interesting stuff to share about San Diego and those adventures!!! 

Love you all!
Elder Hansen

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