Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week Two - The Mexico Temple.

It has been another great week here at the CCM! I see Elder Gale almost every day! The other day he helped us with the ATM because it is all in Spanish and Elder Fazio accidentally froze his account from the CCM. Elder Buzan was in our group for the temple today, but I don't think he recognized me so we never actually talked. I'll talk to him if I see him again. 

Friday-Last Friday our first "investigator" became our evening teacher. Both of our teachers are great, Hermano Ramirez and Hermano Cruz. Hermano Cruz, who is the new one is like a spider monkey. He's always talking super fast and moving around, but we learn tons from them. They are both from Mexico, and got off of their missions within the last couple of years. They are amazing! For the fourth we all wore patriotic ties, and for lunch and dinner they had red white and blue table cloths on the tables. They served us BBQ sandwiches and corn on the cob and apple pie for dinner, which was a nice treat. 

Saturday- Pretty normal day, we always start with personal study time then breakfast, and then we have language class with Hermano Ramirez. After that we work on teaching skills and teach an "investigator" who we work with for a couple weeks. Saturdays we have service activity which is a nice change. We cleaned the seats in the auditorium and the bleachers in the gym. After that we go to lunch and then come back for more study time before we go to TALL. Which is Technologically Assisted Language Learning, which is really boring but helps us to learn grammar. After TALL we have more class with our other teacher Hermano Cruz and have another progressing investigator. Then we are pooped but we study more and have a little zone meeting to close and go to bed.  

Sunday- Sundays are a great change from the daily grind, still really busy but not quite as much as a normal day. We have study time and breakfast, then Priesthood meeting, which is a lesson given by two elders completely in Spanish. Elder Bowns and I get to give it this week... going to be interesting. After that we have a little district meeting and go to Sacrament meeting. Testimony meeting was great! Hearing all the testimonies in Spanish, especially the people in our zone who have been here longer and speak better Spanish. After that we have lunch and then a class with President Pratt (prez of the MTC). Then we have studying and Devotional, which is usually a broadcast of the Devotional at the Provo MTC, this week it was Elder Holland. He gave a great talk about how to study for investigators. 

Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical days, nothing too exciting for us. Our favorite thing to do is go workout for a little and then go buy food from La Tienda... Everything is super cheap and they have some good Mexican chips and candy and drinks. 

Wednesday was cool because we got to do TRC which is when we teach people who aren't teachers here at the CCM. The guy Elder Bowns and I talked to was a 14 year old member from Mexico City. He was super cool, he talked about how he wants to go on a mission and we shared some of our favorite scriptures! It was super laid back. Spanish is still moving slowly, but its crazy how much better it is now than when I came. The CCM is definitely the best way to learn Spanish. Everyone speaks it, and everyone is willing to help!

P day today was much needed! We woke up early and went to the Mexico Visitors center at the Temple. Just our District was on a little sprinter van which was way better than the gigantic bus everyone else was on.We sang hymns and had a lot of fun with the driver, who was like a little tour guide on our drive to the Temple. Driving through the city was amazing. Its crazy how big and busy the city was, people everywhere. The visitors center was great! Its huge! we had a tour by some sister missionaries there which was great, they have little rooms that look like an old temple or a house in Mexico, which are pretty cool! It was nice to get out of the CCM for a while. The Temple is Beautiful! Very cool. Also its the only temple in the world with the Angel Moroni holding the plates in his hand. Unfortunately it is closed for renovation so we just got to go outside and go in the bookstore, where I got some cool scripture covers. After the Temple we had lunch and hung out in the Casa while we did our laundry. Now I'm here!!!

Please give my love to the ward and all of my friends and family back home!

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