Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week Three -

Hola family and friends!

I'll start with last Friday I guess...we pretty much just wake up and study, get taught by our teacher, attempt to teach in Spanish, attempt to learn Spanish and in between we eat meals and get an hour of exercise.  Our new thing is playing volleyball as a district.  It's super fun!!!

Saturday is the same as Friday except we do service instead of gym time. This week we helped clean the showers in the locker room, everything is already clean though so it's pretty easy. The staff here are mostly church members so it's cool to talk to them. The Mexican people here are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Especially the LDS ones here and at the temple and stuff.

Sundays are nice because they are different and a little more relaxing. We still have a lot of time to study, but in between we get to listen to the CCM presidency and devotionals and Sacrament meeting is great. Its nice now we can actually understand what people say during Sacrament meeting. Elder Bowns and I had the opportunity to teach the priesthood meeting lesson on Sunday, all in Spanish. So much fun. I love my district and zone, so the meetings are pretty great. Every Sunday we finish with a church movie which is nice and relaxing! This week we watched Mountain of the Lord. About the Salt Lake Temple. It was pretty great even though I've seen it!

Monday was sad because our father district left. They are the district that was here the longest when we got here and they were our zone leaders and stuff. We had all become really good friends with them, and its weird that they are gone. Its weird how close you get with these people in just a few weeks, saying goodbye to my district is going to be kinda hard, but exciting at the same time!

Tuesday was just another normal day... Except Elder Santana and Elder Fazio got called as zone leaders. And I was called as the District Leader! Luckily we have a great district so its just a fun opportunity to help lead and serve my district! Not too stressful or anything so far. There are a couple of districts in our zone that are really childish and some of the elders are causing some drama... They are strait out of high school and act like it. 

Yesterday was another normal day except that I told our ¨Investigator¨ that we needed to repent for our Pescados (fish) instead of Pecados (sins)... but I caught myself as I said it. He still laughed at me... lol stupid language. Also our casa ran out of good laundry detergent, so Elder Santana and I used bar soap and a washboard on our stuff, they came out smelling pretty nice and they were really soft! 

Now its P day, which is pretty much like Christmas for us!!! I love waking up and being able to talk to friends and family! And being able to relax and take care of stuff!

Glad to hear everything is going well!   Love you guys! 

Love Elder Hansen

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