Friday, July 25, 2014

Week Four

Dear Family,

This week was a little bit uneventful. The days are really starting to run together. But I'll hit some highlights. 

Last Saturday- we taught TRC, which is when real people come in and we teach them, most of them are members. We taught Hermano Ramirez´s brother. His family is so awesome!!! We also talked to his mom about how he was a trouble maker when he was a kid. Its fun to actually be able to understand what people are saying in Spanish!! 

This Monday we lost another one of our father districts, its always sad because you become pretty close to them. but we are also very excited for them! We also had a crazy hail storm Monday afternoon, and it flooded a lot here. It rains so hard sometimes!! Lately the weather has been pretty warm and sunny though!

Tuesday we had a devotional and our very own Elder Santana gave the closing prayer, in which he thanked the Lord for the wonderful words of... ¨Elder... uhhhh Valasquez? no... Valenzuela...Si!!!!¨. and he started laughing in front of the whole CCM. Its so like him though. It was pretty funny. Thank you for the Krispy Kreme Donuts!!!!!!!!! They delivered them to us on Tuesday.  You guys are the best!!!

Wednesdays or P day Eve as we call them are pretty fun. Last night we invented class soccer, with a little homemade ball and goals made out of chairs, which was pretty fun! And me and Elder Santana are going to make a golf course and use our umbrellas as golf clubs. We know how to have fun. Hermano Ramirez, our teacher was able to get me a bag to take my books and CCM stuff up to San Diego. He is such a great guy and is so generous! 

Being district leader is great because my district is awesome. They have no problems and are just awesome, so it's fun to work with everyone :) Some of the other districts would be a serious challenge so I'm grateful for having a wonderful district. 

That brings us to today! Our second to last P day. Already got my laundry done!! So more time to relax! Volleyball is super fun! We play every day for Gym time. And we are gonna play today too. Its so fun!

Glad to hear everything is good back in the states!!! Give everyone my love!!! 

Love you guys mucho! Would love to hear how everything in Utah is going for ya!!!

Love Elder Hansen

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