Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hope it was a very merry Christmas for you all!

Que onda querida familia y amigos!

Hope you all had amazing Christmases! I know Elder Maughan and I did!

I'll start out with a cool miracle that happened last Wednesday on exchanges with Elder Goeckeritz. We were in our area and stopped by a potential investigator named Krisi, she was super nice the first time we met her and super prepared, has good friends from the church, had just attended a baptism and her 2 year old had been blessed in church. Well anyway we went to stop by her and she wasn't home, instead we met her husband Mike who we had never met before. Turns out he was baptized when he was 8 but  ended up with his dad who isn't a member for most of his life, so he is familiar with the church and loves the memories he had as a child. We were able to just talk about the savior and he expressed how he wants his daughters to grow up with that. We were also able to talk about the blessings of eternal families and he was stoked. we are super excited to go back this coming week.

Christmas Eve was a blast, we spent it spreading Christmas cheer to our investigators and members and everyone. We had lunch and a lesson with the Jamchi family, who are so awesome. I love every minute we get to spend with that family. Alex's mom mad a Persian style turkey with some rice, it was super good. Later on we had dinner with the Stapely family, they have a tradition of having the missionaries over on Christmas Eve. They even invited their friend and our investigator Martha over, so that was great to be able to spend some time with them on Christmas Eve. They are an awesome family and helped us to feel as at home as we could :) after the Stapley's house we went to bishop Wilton's house and had another dinner, and participated in their little family Christmas program. Elder Maughan played a song on the piano and since I'm not super musically talented I shared a Mormon message. Thank goodness for those. It was a lot of fun, we felt a lot of love from the members this Christmas. Thanks for everything that was sent to me and all your love and support!

Christmas Day was great! We woke up and ran, studied and for comp studied opened some presents. Then we went and had a zone lunch at the church together. We had dinner with a couple awesome families and then got to skype! It's always so great to talk to family. Felt like I was just hanging out again, didn't miss a beat. We finished the night by Christmas caroling to some members and investigators as a district.

Those are some of the highlights of the week. I would love to hear about your highlights this Christmas season. The work is going great, always finding, always teaching always baptizing!

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