Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's up everybody!! What's new this week?

This week has been an absolute blur. I can't believe how fast it went. We had a more normal week, with more time in our area to work and more time to teach, which always makes the time go by quick. We found a couple new people to teach in Penasquitos 3rd Ward, which is a miracle in and of itself.

We are continuing to have good lessons with Krissi and Mike, which is exciting. They are awesome. We had a funny lesson with our investigator Joe, he's a talker so we spent most of the hour and a half trying to find a place to speak... But he has some stories. Haha it seems like it's that way with a lot of people we teach. It made us almost half an hour late to our next appointment which was frustrating...Thursday we did a blitz for the sisters who work in the young single adult branch. It was good to go try and see some of their people. We also had a really good first lesson with Tony and Nicki, who have met with missionaries a lot in the past, they are so nice. We taught a really good lesson, with a member there with us. The spirit was really present.

Friday we had service at the canyon park here in Penasquitos like we do every couple weeks. It was a lot of fun. The whole zone goes, so it's pretty cool. They also got us a picnic lunch for afterword which was great! That night we started teaching another new investigator here in 3rd Ward, her name is Rubi. It was an interesting lesson, definitely didn't go as planned, but it was also very spiritual which was good. Her son is getting baptized in the young single adult branch later this month. So that's 3 new in one week in a ward that has had 5 new investigators since I've been here...it was awesome!

Saturday was crazy busy. Between coordination meetings, teaching lessons and invite ping everyone to he mission presidents devotional it was a blur. Sunday was as well. We had the mission presidents devotional that night. Since our zone was the hosting zone we had to make sure everything was taken care of, set up and we had to get the speakers. We had Alex, our recent convert bear his testimony. It was really good. He's a beast. Solid as a rock.

Yesterday we added another new investigator named Christopher, again in third ward. That ward is on a roll! It's awesome! We taught him also with a member there, which makes a huge difference.

There's a little update for ya. Life here is good. Transfers are comin in about 2 weeks, it's one where I could stay or go. I'm itchin to get back to Spanish work, and teach the Latinos again, but God's will be done. And I'll have fun wherever I am.

Let me know how everyone is doing! I love you all!

Elder Hansen

Here's a video of me trying to hula hoop at the Jamchi's house. Those kids are so fun.

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