Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Buenos Dias querida familia!!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic new year!! It's been a fun crazy week. I'll start off with last Tuesday night-when our ward mission leader Brother Gosch took us out to a super good Korean BBQ place. One of the places where you have the grill right in front of you and they bring the meat and you cook it right there and stuff. It was sooooo good! It was all you can eat, too so we had lots of ribs, steaks, chicken. Plus we also got to try pork Jowl and octopus, plus some more cow tongue :) It was a fun adventure, I'll include a picture of the octopus. It really wasn't even bad actually. The flavor was decent, but it was kind of like chewing on a big ball of rubber bands.

Wednesday was great because we didn't have any meetings, no trainings to give, no exchanges. It was just Elder Maughan and I doin work in our own area, which doesn't seem like it would be that exciting but these days we don't have very many normal days to just work. So we took advantage. of that and had some really good lessons.  Especially with one of our investigators Cliff. Man, he's so sincere! It was cool how he was found, the YSA sisters contacted him in his apartment complex and he wasn't interested, but they gave him a card with a question written on it, I don't even know what it said, and the question made him think so he called after them and they talked to him for a while and then passed us his information. He has gone through a lot in his life that has questioned God's existence, and now he really wants to find out if he's there and build a relationship with God. It's so cool to see someone seek so diligently. We had Alex, one of the most on fire recent converts I've ever seen with us, and they just clicked. Cliff really opened up and it was so cool to see. The spirit was super strong. Wednesday night we didn't have a dinner appointment, and somehow people knew it, so like 5 people texted us and offered. Which is awesome. I love these wards. We ended up with the Knaphus family. They're so rad. Brother Knaphus is our assistant ward mission leader in PQ 3rd ward. He's so cool. He and his wife have 5 little girls, it's a fun family to be with for sure.

Thursday- Thursday we went and helped set up at the Knaphus's place for a little birthday murder mystery party they were having for one of their daughters. Elder Maughan used his artistic talents to help paint some stuff, and I was there as moral support. I tried to paint what was supposed to look like a wood door, and it was so bad their daughter Halley had to come take the brush away from me...oops. I helped lift stuff and move stuff, I guess that's all I'm good for. The cool thing was while we were painting outside one of their daughters was talking about all of their neighbors. We felt like we should come knock some of their neighbors (more about this later).

Friday-Friday we had zone service at the Penasquitos canyon park, we do this twice a month. It's really fun, then we had district lunch and district meeting and then we had some exchanges. I was with Elder Archambault. It was a lot of fun, I served with him in Sweetwater, so we already knew each other. We had dinner with a family and the wife is from Chihuahua Mexico. She had her parents, and her sister and niece there from Chihuahua as well. The whole dinner was pretty much in Spanish. I had a blast. I miss Spanish sometimes I'm not going to lie. I should go back in the next couple months probably. We even taught a lesson in Spanish. And by we I mean I.

Saturday we had our two coordinations. I'm still stoked about how awesome these wards are.

Sunday-like 7 hours of church of course, Martha came! She's like my sweet little Mexican mother that I've never had, she's so funny.

Yesterday we had an awesome MLC. We Talked about our goals and stuff. We made some awesome stretch goals.

It's been an awesome week! I love you all. Thank you for all your love and support!

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